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June 04 2015

Air Conditioning

HVAC is short for for Heating Ventilation and Air cooling. Basic residential HVAC systems incorporate 3 varying types:
air conditioning

The previous, which is also the most frequent, is called the Split System:
-This HVAC system is made up of an aura Conditioning Condenser (the system sits outside, usually privately or back of the property or on the top), the Evaporator Coil, the Furnace, as well as the Air-duct System.
-The condenser compresses the refrigerant, transforming coming from a gas to some liquid state, and is also then used in the Evaporator Coil.
-The air then passes in the Evaporator Coil, where it is cooled. The Furnace uses gas main via burners perfectly located at the furnace to heat the home
air conditioning installation
-The Evaporator Coil is usually situated together with the Furnace, whether horizontally from the attic or installed just as one upflow/downflow, which will be located within a closet or perhaps the garage.
-As air is sucked in by the Furnace by way of a return air grill, after that it blows within the Evaporator Coil, which cools it, and then into the ducts, which blows mid-air in to the home.
-The air travels through the home via a flexible polyurethane Air Duct System.

Another type of HVAC method is the Packaged Unit:
-This HVAC system is usually situated into the roof possesses both air conditioning components in one piece of it technology (therefore, the "packaged" name).
-it uses both gas and electricity
-The air is brought in the machine, heated or cooled based on the required setting, and pushed on to the air duct system.

Your third kind of HVAC product is called the Electric System
-This HVAC system runs solely on electricity and warmth and cools through the refrigerant from the system.
-The system includes a Heat Pump Condenser (which in turn sits quietly or back of your home or on the roof) as well as an Air Handler.
-The Heat Pump Condenser uses refrigerant to cool and heat air (through reversing valves), that is then sent in to the Air Handler.
-The Air Handler pushes the environment in the Air Duct System with blower motor.

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